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Real Life Real Leaders

Apr 9, 2024

Best-selling author and three-time TEDx speaker Ron Carucci joins us this week to unveil the blueprint for authentic leadership. As proud co-founder and managing director of Navalent and a visionary in the realms of leadership and organizational change, Ron reveals his transformative journey from working in Europe to becoming a celebrated consultant and author.  

In this episode, Ron brings to the table nearly four decades of experience in guiding top executives and organizations through significant change. He offers practical strategies and real-world examples that illustrate the importance of honesty, the challenges of mentorship, embracing failures and the courage it takes to lead with integrity. Key points include: 

  • An accidental entrepreneur pursuing a passion beyond organizational boundaries 

  • Unveiling heroes: Stories of inspirational leadership worth writing about 

  • Dual Roles: Navigating five years of grueling challenges 

  • Key business advice: Wisdom and warnings for career starters 

  • Learning from Failure: Embracing setbacks for personal growth 

  • Perception: Challenging the truths within our minds 

"I had a terrifying thought. Could we have found four fundamental principles about how to shape a culture that nobody's doing? Because that would suck. So I had to find out if anybody was living out what we learned or if they were only living in the dark side of it." – Ron Carucci. 

Real Life Real Leaders is dedicated to exploring the real stories behind some of the world's most outstanding inspirational leaders. Each new episode teaches the highs and lows of building a successful business and uncovers the attributes that make a great leader.  



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